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With HomeSellers, a division of Home Buyers, LLC, your credit is preapproved!  You may not even need a bank for your loan. We offer special financing and have several options to choose from.

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If you don’t see the home you want, keep coming back to our website. We add properties regularly. Also, if you see a house you are interested in, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY! Our house sell very fast!

Also, give me a call at 704-854-9966, and I can tell you about houses we just purchased that haven’t been loaded to the website yet. You may be able to buy it before we even advertise it here!
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This is your chance to be able to afford a home of your own, and buy a home of your own.  You may have dreamed about it- but now you can do it!  We here at Home Buyers, LLC can help you easily qualify for one of our exciting home purchase programs!

We have Rent-to- Own options and also other home ownership programs that let you earn your down payment money.  With your own home, you can occupy it immediately, and reap the benefits of tax breaks and the pride of owning your own home!  We are not bankers or any other financial institution, and our programs are limited by state law.

Good, Bad or Ugly Credit is OK!

NO ONE works harder than Home Buyers LLC and Don Jackson to get you the home of your dreams. Contact Us today to learn more.

Maybe one of these situations applies to you: 

  • Self-employed
  • Short job history
  • Divorced and financial issues
  • No down payment money
  • Other past (or even present) financial problems

We CAN work with all of these issues and still get you into your own home.

We Are NOT Realtors®!!!

Home Buyers LLC is not a real estate agency and is not associated with one. Unlike Realtors®, we have a financial interest in the properties that we offer. We are also so much easier to work with than banks and we offer many options for down payments and terms.

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